Our Amazing World


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With 7 Continents, 195 Countries and 5 Oceans on our amazing planet, your children have got a lot of exploring to do!

Children are naturally very curious about new countries and are excited to learn new things.  They always want to know more about the interesting places you can visit, the food people eat and different activities in foreign countries.

They will learn how to read an atlas, study a globe and discover why each country has a flag and a different language.  We will investigate populations and their cultures and customs.  This is a great opportunity for your children to acquire an understanding of the world we live in and how we and our community fit into the wider world.  

Learning should be fun, so they will be making their own Globe and adding continents, countries, flags etc as they learn more.

2hrs for 5 days (Monday – Friday)
 6 – 10yrs (1pm – 3pm)
$2800 for 5 day course