One thought on “Article: Real Parents, Real Talk About Kids And Screens

  1. Our children are 7, 4, and almost 3 month. When our first was born, we instituted what felt like a fairly draconian anti-screen rule. Firstly, we don’t have TV at home. And the kids aren’t permitted to use tablets/iPhone/computers. I mean with the exception of a kid DVD on Friday and Saturday nights during the downtime of my daughter’s lengthy evening medical routine. We make exceptions for big community sporting events like the Super Bowl, and family outings to movie theaters. Seven years on, I feel increasingly grateful that we took the approach we did. We eat family dinner together every night. All three kids love books and have active imaginations, and both the 7- and 4-year-olds are voracious readers. As our third baby-girl were bringing in this world with help of reproductive medicine. We had to spend a lot of times in public place. Like clinic, apartment which they provided for us and so on. When clinic’s driver have met us at Boryspil airport, my oldest son asked driver how long it will take to clinic and pulled out book to read. And before we leaved Kiev he asked to buy him some books from local store. We expect to grapple with the challenges associated with screen time and smartphones eventually as the kids get older. But we feel we will have built a very solid foundation by treating screens as something that has little place in a healthy young child’s development.


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