Auntie Tam is AWESOME! She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Her classes are fun and exciting. She’s cool and funny and of course fantastic. The way she teaches me is the best way a teacher should teach a student. I thank you so much for all your kindness.

Jason Yee, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Year 3

I like Auntie Tam because she is nice, smart and an awesome teacher!  When she teaches me she makes things easier and funny and if you have a problem she will always help you.  You should come to ‘Auntie Tam’s Education Centre’ because it is awesome and your kids will have a great time!

Martin Chan, ISF Academy, Year 4

Having known Tammy for over 20 years I am really excited to see her setting up Auntie Tam’s.  She is blessed with a wonderful ability to understand children and their needs and is one of those rare people who makes learning fun as well as relevant.  I would highly recommend her and the center to anyone looking for a refreshing tutoring/activity scene for kids here in Hong Kong.

Nick Stokes

I think Auntie Tam is a great teacher because before I started at Victoria Shanghai Academy my English wasn’t very good and now my English is better than my parents. Thanks Auntie Tam!
Lucy Hui, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Year 4

Lucy Hui, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Year 4